Sunday, April 6, 2014

Rue Des Plaisirs

Imagine a trip back in time to Paris in the 1930's...just for today! Mingle with artists, crash parties, and enjoy the countless sensual pleasures to be had...window shopping, glamorous mannequins modeling the latest fashions, good food, smoke and drink... opium dens, cabarets, prostitutes and party girls!

And while you're there, listen to some chansons by the chanteurs et chanteuses popular at the Charles Trenet, Mistinguett, Josephine Baker, Edith Piaf, Jean Sablon...and of course, the ubiquitous Accordéoniste!

Follow me to the Rue Des Plaisirs...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Les Amies

These très charmant depictions of Parisian girlfriends are titillating, to say the least...and I love the soft colors!
They were created in the 30's by artist Guillebert and are available for sale at

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Post-Patty's Day Post

I could just conk myself on the head with a big fat shelaleigh for missing my St.Patrick's Day post yesterday! After all, friends...Irish whiskey blood simply courses through my glamorous veins...not to mention that the Galore Clan is about as green as they can get... and this gal is no exception......which is probably why I forgot my St.Patty's Day post on the appointed day! I want you to know that I was doing my part by drinking a very nicely poured Guinness...and eating a big, juicy, perfectly toasted Patty Melt.

At the very least, I hope this adorable vintage card (with its unpronounceable and grammatically incorrect greeting) more than makes up for my lapse of celebratory blogging yesterday! Erin Go Bragh, darlings!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Drag Race!

Darlings, in case you're not keeping up with the new season of RuPAUL'S DRAG RACE...never mind...of course you are! Ok...well, if you don't already have a favorite competitor, I'd like to suggest rooting for Seattle's very own, terminally delightful BenDeLaCreme!

DeLa has always been one of my favorite performers in town and I'm just one of many who are beside themselves with excitement to see her on real live TV! They are absolutely packing the house at Seattle's Crystal Ballroom every Monday night for screenings! As for me, I round up my girls and we sit in front of the TV at home with beer and a bag of jalapeno popcorn. Trashy!

My other favorite so far is Courtney Act..although I think if you are working on going international, you should not choose a name with it's 'twist' based on a specific dialect...buuuut...other than that, I like her attitude and style...more feminine than campy with that "Cali-girl Barbie" look I've always admired...when it's done right, that is...(think Cheryl Tiegs!)

Speaking of being bitchy...half the fun is getting into the act, but I refuse to say who I like the least...there's enough bitchy-bitching going on already. I applaud every one of those girls for their fierceness, ferocity and finesse! As a bit of a 'female drag queen' myself, I understand the kind of work it takes to put together costumes and be 'in face' looking fabulous night after night!! And I don't even give it half the effort these kids that's saying something. You are fabulous, ladies! Mwaahhh!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014


No, I didn't say GANGNAM, I said GAMSMAG...a lookbook of inspiration and ideas compiled by yours truly from sources such as PINTEREST, TUMBLR & FLICKR...the three internet sites that are like friends to me now...and since I'm entirely bored with FB, I'm back to needing all the friends I can get!

Frankly, I feel you can get a lot more deep, personal information about someone from their PINTEREST page than FB...for instance, what colors they like, the clothes they like to wear, people they admire, and whatever else interests them...all in popular visual format, and so much more civilized than a bunch of selfies and embarrassing photobombs!

Speaking of PINTEREST, I have since created several more boards than I reported previously...all the links are listed to the right of this page!! Whether you love color or black & white, vintage or visionary, you'll enjoy a daily dose of EYE CANDY with fabulous flavors like mint, mango, pistachio, coconut, chocolate, cherry, vanilla and strawberry...with sprinkles of art, burlesque, fashion, fun, design, decor and dreams! Enjoy... and share with your friends! Mwahhh!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Nonsense Alphabet

For many merry moments... Edward Lear...presented GALORE STYLE! 

A was once an apple-pie... 
Pidy, Widy, Tidy, Pidy
 ...Nice insidy, Apple-Pie!

B was once a little bear... 
Beary, Wary, Hairy, Beary
 ...Take cary, Little Bear!

C was once a little cake... 
Caky, Baky, Maky, Caky
 ...Little cake!

D was once a little doll... 
Dolly, Molly, Polly, Nolly
 ...Nursy dolly, Little doll!

E was once a little eel... 
Eely, Weely, Peely, Eely 
...Twirly tweely, Little eel!

F was once a little fish... 
Fishy, Wishy, Swishy, Fishy
 ...In a dishy, Little fish!

G was once a little goose... 
Goosy, Moosy, Boosy, Goosy
 ...Waddly-woosy, Little goose!

H was once a little hen... 
Henny, Chenny, Tenny, Henny
 ...Eggsy-any, Little hen?

I was once a bottle of ink... 
Inky, Dinky, Thinky, Inky 
...Blacky minky, Bottle of ink!

J was once a jar of jam...
Jammy, Mammy, Clammy, Jammy
 ...Sweety, swammy, Jar of jam!

K was once a little kite... 
Kity, Whity, Flighty, Kity
 ...Out of sighty, Little kite!

L was once a little lark... 
Larky, Marky, Harky, Larky
 ...In the parky, Little lark!

M was once a little mouse... 
Mousy, Bousy, Sousy, Mousy
 ...In the housy, Little mouse!

N was once a little needle... 
Needly, Tweedly, Threedly, Needly
 ...Wisky, wheedly, Little needle!

O was once a little owl... 
Owly, Prowly, Howly, Owly
 ...Browny fowly, Little owl!

P was once a little pump... 
Pumpy, Slumpy, Flumpy, Pumpy
 ...Dumpy, thumpy, Little pump!

Q was once a little quail... 
Quaily, Faily, Daily, Quaily
 ...Stumpy-taily, Little quail!

R was once a little rose... 
Rosy, Posy, Nosy, Rosy
 ...Blows-y, grows-y, Little rose!

S was once a little shrimp... 
Shrimpy, Nimpy, Flimpy, Shrimpy
 ...Jumpy, jimpy, Little shrimp!

T was once a little thrush... 
Thrushy, Hushy, Bushy, Thrushy
 ...Flitty, flushy, Little thrush!

U was once a little urn... 
Urny, Burny, Turny, Urny 
...Bubbly, burny, Little urn!

V was once a little vine... 
Viny, Winy, Twiny, Viny 
...Twisty-twiny, Little vine!

W was once a whale... 
Whaly, Scaly, Shaly, Whaly
 ...Tumbly-taily, Mighty whale!

X was once a great king Xerxes...
Xerxy, Perxy, Turxy, Xerxy 
...Linxy, lurxy, Great King Xerxes!

Y was once a little yew... 
Yewdy, Fewdy, Crudy, Yewdy
 ...Growdy, grewdy, Little yew!

Z was once a piece of zinc...
Tinky, Winky, Blinky, Tinky 
...Tinky minky, Piece of zinc!